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poemproducer AGF identified:

as a e-poetess. musician. writer. producer. curator: re-ordering the left overs of e-poetry. a work in progress.

known for artistic exploration of digital technology through the deconstruction of language and communication.

has twice received ars electronica award, one of them a grand prix.

she converts poetry into electronic music, calligraphy and digital media, presentedon records, live performances and soundinstallations in museums, auditoriums ,theaters, concert halls and clubs in europe, america and asia.

poemproducer's first poetry book includes 30 poems compiled from AGF's poem-newsletter randomly translated into 5 languages - in real poem producer fashion.





poeemitootjanna /poemproducer / производителя стихотворения / メーカーの詩 / runojen tuottaja / hersteller dichtungen


























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