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;paranoia publishing group stands on the shoulders of giants – our indentured authors :


ado aw aa al
. aare pilv researcher and writer; expert in relation- ships between figural and actual language-plays

. adoka niitsu japanese contemporary book artist, inspired by technology, illusion, delusion and fatal obsession with the singer prince

. andreas w enthomologist, biologist, music theorist, semiotician and lecturer; a flying dutchman, text cannon and phonograph

. aune ainson-uriarte semiotician and artist from chile; mapper of periphery and strain areas

. andres lõo interdisciplinary artist and voice behind "faun racket" project

ch ca er div ct
. c: artist, writer; uses aliases tanel rander, chaneldior, egon zunerg. published "out of control", "oaknight" (collab /w e.luuk), "odessa or são paulo?", "river and the river people" . camila ruiz díaz artist and animator from colombia; enjoys embroiding to the beat of electro
and the memorabilia of the writing process
. erkki luuk, phd. linguist / cognitive researcher; a true legend of estonian exp scene;
published the books "0rnithologist’s enterprise", "...", "selection of poems",
"oaknight" (in collaboration with c:)
. divine enfant definetely our favourite artist, a mysterious author from paris. she is also video artist for martin rev from suicide . celer tambre textual essentialist; narrative telling a lot of other narratives through itself
kk jg ku ttt mt
. kaarel kurismaa kinetic cult artist and author, first sound-, pop- and kinetic artist in estonia . jelena glazova sound artist and conceptual poet, from riga, latvia, published books in latvian and russian. "plasma" was published by ;paranoia 2014

. kim uri is a proid. debut about to be published by ;paranoia

. triin tamm
producer of books, collections, objects and disorder
. martiini
south-estonian multi-artist, first book soon to be published by ;paranoia
pa mar mi ma ro
. paavo matsin has diverse and esoteric interests, also known as a literary critic. more than ten books have been published with his participation. central member of the group 14NÜ

. margit lõhmus video, photo and installation artist, writes openly erotic, still experimental
and totally post-psychoanalytic phantasies. writes more than lives

. mihkel kleis
composer and cult artist, expert in poptrash and psychedelic culture

. mrt mhklpp has been fishing for audiovisual aurora borealis by manipulating old tv-s with strong magnets and copper coil. studies artscience at royal conservatory of the hague.

. roomet jakapi, phd
doctor of philosophy, voice artist and creative engine;
surprise piece about to be published by ;paranoia
vii may vm joan gk
. villu tamme punk icon, symbol of 80s freedom fight, especially famous for his nutty political lyrics and fast jazz-punk. singer of cult band j.m.k.e. . may b
200% pure grrrl power! you should hear her live rhyming. ;paranoia is proud to publish her debut
. valdur mikita writer and semiotician; published "joy of a mishap", "journey to the land of impamp-poetry", "cherryblossommarketing",
"wild linguistics", "theorem", "linguistic forest"
. joanna ellmann poet
. gennadi s. klein
studied at kohtla-järve high school no. 1, lives in tallinn, estonia, self-employed
mmm v ben blm ri
. marko mäetamm
internationally recognized artist, combines words and pictures
. villem valme figurehead; a helm in his hand and a sail on his face,
published “sull holder 2" (in collaboration with e.luuk),
“from the bushes" (or "on the bushes") soon to be published by ;paranoia
. richardas norvila aka benzo
asemic/hypertext poet, alchemist/psychoanalyst, sound artist from moscow, studied in c.g.jung institute (zuerich)& mосковский государственный университет им. ломоносова
. barthol lo mejor wunderkind, producer of tekno music and artist; published the book "popdada" . riru homunkulus
architect, avantgarde-rock musician and celebrated exp writer
tt tt jt kj sv
. tõnu trubetsky aka tony blackplait legendary punk-sci-fy writer and anarchist poet, singer of romantic punk bands "vennaskond" and "flowers of romance" . toomas thetloff
artist, trickster and photographer, founder of the "art security" group;
best-known work is the five volumes of estonian classic “tõde ja õigus”
(truth and justice) converted into anagrams
. jaak tomberg researcher and theoretic, specialist in extrapolative writing and cyberpunk; published the book "the mollifying function of literature" . kaspar jassa master and cavalier; researcher of bubble structures, who produced (s) the projects "ummakumma", "mugivtudiv" and "koogelmoogel" . sven vabar semiotician, culturologist, prosaist;
published a lot of interviews and articles and
a self-published bibliomorph, compiled and edited the book
ta ss   sei kw
. taavi piibemann
philologist, artist and photographer,
best-known photo series "reference list"
. salmo salar fish in the family salmonidae. has used the names “lõhe”, “lõhi”, “lohe”, “laks” in estonian. published a lot of literary critique and some prose. salmo salar is a human split*.
*comment by translator : untranslatable ('lõhe' means both 'salmon' and 'split' in estonian)
. mare sabolotny . seimo park aka meelis kaldalu notorius prankster and great combinator, provocator and scandalist, pirate party drop-out and mad genius. according to "the guardian" and luke harding's book "the snowden files: the inside story of the world's most wanted man"
he was the one who influenced edward snowden to become a whistleblower
. ki wa
multichannel artist; published books "toys escaping from children's hospital", "metabor:
skid mark of the force before the shape" and "way of the robot is a shift"


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