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Ulmefestival transforms Tartu New Theatre into an unique state of mind, where fantasy knows no borders and the sci-fi perception horizons come to life in words, sounds and movements.

'Ulme' is an estonian word invented by writer Henn-Kaarel Hellat in 1970. It translates not only to sci-fi /fantasy /dreams, but references to the Golden Age of sci-fi.















17 - 19 may 12.00 - 00.00 open environment:

Aivar Tõnso sound installation
Urmo Mets architecture
Fuji Hoffmann & Minna Triin Kohv atmospheres of light
Uku Zkuz / SÜNK technology

17 may

19.00 M. Valdemar "Opening Ritual"

20.00 E.Talviste / P.Piiri / R.Jakapi / Martiini / Luulur "Back to the Future '83" (in estonian)

18 may

19.00 Iggy Lond Malmborg "The making of the audience"

20.00 Gabriela Liivamägi "Zeljonõi"

21.00 Tellervo Kalleinen "Exaggerating Mind"

22.00 Psühhoteek "Sounds of the Space Age"

19 may

20.00 M.Kleis / Galaktlan / H.Hütt / B.Vaher / K.Noid / "Back to the "Dead Mountaineer's Hotel"" (in estonian)

21.00 White Sparks "Vostok Station"

22.00 Joel Tammik / Marie Heiberg / Kaisa Selde "Before the Last Day" (in estonian)

23.00 Ulmer “Travellers in Vacuum

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supported by Tartu linn, Nordic Culture Point, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Eesti Arhitektide Liit, Ö Stuudio, Audiodesign, Valge Klaar,
TartMus, Müürileht, Hektor Design Hostel, Standfold Design Studio, Valgusreklaam, TM Development