"Nothing is more important than this sentence!"
Msgr. Valdemar
President of the Corporation


;paranoia publishing group ltd is a major foreigner publishing corporation. The name ;paranoia comes from the finno-ugric words para (supreme, absolute) and noid (shaman, stalker).


Our focus is on innovation: experimental and non-creative literature, bibliomorphs, multiples and text-based art.


The objective of our publishing group is responsible action, consumer satisfaction and destruction of reality.

We provide our clients with carefully selected textual operations:

Experimental and non-creative

literature, printed matter, text art.

The most psychotic

transborder dataflows.


immanence-crossing deterritorialisations.

Breakbeat of meta-meanings

and hallucinating psychogeographies.

innovative and exclusive design

Reading comfort is quaranteed by the unique design which focuses on the smooth adaption to the brainwaves, feeling like part of one’s body.