While fiction-in-fiction as a literary technique is totally dependent on the context, this book skips over the frame story phase with a technical solution: the context for the non-existent books is the real world, instead of books. borgesian economy that compressed information is an energy cluster – créme de la créme of cutting edge estonian experimental literature.

Riga poetry map

Men trousers

If you want to have a well-serving trousers, you have to make them yourself.

practical experimentalism – showcases, perverted product presentations, and multi-partition environments – everything from hijacked black squares to alienation theater in a white conference cubicle (stiffness, neutrality, imaginative cyborg brainwave error, textually operative killer humor, sequel to text, spaces)


Jelena Glazova is a multimedia artist based in Riga, Latvia, working with sound, image, text and installation. Her first book “Transfers” published in Latvian and Russian (2013) was nominated for Latvian Literature Prize of the Year. “Plasma” is her second book, focused mainly on conceptual and experimental poetic texts.

Maa ja ilm

Cubus Larvik

Cubus Luarvik composes electronic music and creates soundscapes for his dance performances, using self-taped bits of sound mixed by electronic software.


Psaiko is an institutionalised person although this is questionable. He is completely insane, there is no doubt about it. Still, he copes with his insanity way better than most of the people with their normality.

we ask basic questions about established meaning hierarchies
(traditionally we provide lecturers with professionally trained assistants).

see where it takes you

;paranoia product presentation is a special form of combination of alienated words, non-acts, and next-level corporate showcase.