Autor/ Author: Taavi Novek
Aasta/ Year: 2016
Lk/ Pages: 120
Keel/ Language: inglise / English

The international publishing corporation ;paranoia publishing group ltd. presents a new book Nechers by Taavi Novek at The Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair ASP2 10th September 2016 at ICA, London.

Taavi Novek is on of the core artists from South-Estonian experimental scene. He studied semiotics and mathematics. In 2014 ;paranoia published his debut novel Valegiid (‘the wrong guide’) and a new book 542 sketši, neljas võte is coming out this spring. Besides his psychedelic writing methodology Novek is also known for his uncompromising painting style.

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Mõõtmed 1.25 × 1.9 cm