The BϘOK ●f ИEOiƧM?!


Autor/ Author: Amen.
Aasta/ Year: 2018
ISBN: 9789949994441
Keel/ Language: inglise / English

This bible size book reveals the insurgent anti-credo of Neoism?!: six volumes of unexpurgated decibels of thrilliant subvertainment, uncountable definitions, self-interrogation, epic impure nonsense, audacious plunder performance, synthetic-wave narrative, pulp-fiction dogma, precisely calculated methematical formulae, agitprop porn liturgy, fathomless psychoactive claptrap, infinite manifesto of Neoism?! to the point of torture and insanity.

The author of this book, a false-prophet and plunderground idealogist of Neoism?!, is only known by his “nom de guerre”: Amen. (Amenperiod). Escaping authorities, in’n’out of prisons and asylums, Amen. lived the life of a fugitive. He created this “opus magnum” in the captivity of the 90s, the years of repression and growing authoritarianism. Not owning a computer, he diligently worked on the book at public libraries and community centers. Deleted all digital files and only kept printed copies. He extended the term Neoism with question and exclamation marks to accentuate the undefinable nature and the “All or Nothing!” desperation of Neoism?!. Using an extreme “fuck-up method,” he plundered ideas from countless sources, from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Complete Idiot’s Guides. He robbed the intellect of philosophers, writers, poets, artists, composers, political leaders, scientists, sex workers, revolutionaries, pop-stars and criminals. Appropriately, after finishing the book in 2001 he suddenly vanished from sight. His manuscript was thought to be lost forever. Miraculously it was found a couple of years ago at a Value Village thrift store in Toronto. His complete works were squeezed into a metal first aid kit box spray painted with a stencil sign “CRIME”.