Autor/ Author: Tarvo-Hanno Varres
Kujundaja/ Design: Tuuli Aule
Aasta/ Year: 2017
ISBN: 9789949994434
Keel/ Language: eesti ja inglise / Estonian and English

First monograph of Estonian artist Tarvo Varres presents a selection of five works from 2010–2015, radiating light on earlier life, with essays by Hanno Soans, Margus Ott, Marten Esko and interview with Mark Raidpere.

“In order to make a decision, to turn, I must let go of my self-image for a moment – but that decision does not come from my self-image, but the entirety of me, myself – and trust myself to transformation. For me it is always either ‘not yet’ or ‘already’. The corner of a building is like a spatial metaphor for this temporal split, moment of selfness.” Margus Ott



Mõõtmed 17.0 × 24.5 cm