…Hexual Anal Eyes_Cyst (No Constantine Dream)…

Hell of eel, Misosophy own strewn port sawn blue dither my writing this plasticity shone boa_black casanova tickets, lunge wiring lead court rue_core roared corpse is nightfall clamor size discovered pileup_meat; value valueless value…unleavened deaf leave in ardent transposition, I write for other nests, sentenced woe_roads deplete Bathory or deletion, victims’ final lost, my thought is zoomed, or excised cosmos, such as Glass and salt post_sodom, so it, my mind, works the parcel, extends with lawful sinmanship, ill but legible as a little more than Nothing.


AG Davis was born in Lubbock, Texas in 1984. He is a sound poet, performance artist, and author of the hypermodernist novels Bathory and Glass, both published by Abstract Editions.



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