Similar to an archive, film stills which contain the phrase “nothing” in the subtitles have been collected. By pushing the scissors into the film reality, the blindfold of the Žižek-like false Reality is taken off and we, due to the iconized film stills, are left alone with the arbitrary meanings of “comic book fragments”. The visual from the cine film is deconstructed and decontextualized, the vacuum of meaning behind the frame — “nothing” — becomes the new mantra. The first stage of deconstruction as a practice emanating from post-structural philosophy is usually consciousness acquired through reversal of existing value hierarchies. Despite the literary critical bases it is almost a mathematical calculation, which almost automatically reveals the politicization of the familiar signifiers. By decontextualizing “nothing”, we deconstruct the normative world-view, the mediated reality.








Autor/ Author: kiwa
Aasta/ Year: 2017
200 pages, hard cover, 15,8 x 10,7 x 1,6 cm
Keel/ Language: inglise / English